Will Extract
JALFON Abraham de Zacarias
Reference NA561
Family Name JALFON
Forenames Abraham de Zacarias
Probate Date 1838 (5 Nov)
Address Kingston, Jamaica, then Hackney Road, Middlesex
Occupation Merchant
Parents Zacarias
Children Zacariah Jalfon of Kingston natural son by a free woman of colour named Jenny? Otherwise Ann Medhaim formerly his housekeeper. Isaac Jalfon born 1804 the son by his housekeeper Mary Jeffreys of Spitalfields.
Other Relatives Nieces, Stella, Rachel and Regina daughters of his brother Leon. Abraham, Lyon, Jacob, Joseph and Mary Ann children of his son Isaac and his wife Stella the daughter of his brother Leon Jalfon.
Bequests Elizabeth Arnt residing at the house of Mr. Mowbrays 14 Greyfriars? Place, Hackney Road. Esther Delmar, widow. Miss Fanny Lyon of St. Mary Axe and her sisters Camilla, Sarah, Rebecca and Rose. Mrs. Moses, widow of Castle Street. Joseph Rodrigues Peynado of Hackney Road.
Executors, Administrators Moses Montefiore of Park Lane, Samuel Levy Bensusan, Merchant of Magdalen Row, Jacob Montefiore, Merchant of St Mildreds? Court,
Witnesses Charles Rivington, Solicitor of 1 Fenchurch Buldings and Robert Elliot his clerk.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1903