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ARONS David Lion
Reference NA562
Family Name ARONS
Forenames David Lion
Probate Date 1793 (19 Nov)
Address Amsterdam
Siblings Abraham Lion Arons
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators Admin to Abraham Lion Arons, Benjamin Loomans (Lemans) and Emanuel Salomons Nykerk.
Witnesses Sworn before Gerband Rypland Frandz? Translated from the Low Dutch
Notes He is probably David Jacob Jokeb Lion Aron Rofe, died 23 Mar 1793. The son of Jacob Jokeb Lion Judaleib Lion Aron Rofe,( b.1705 Amsterdam) and Bele Tsimle Kosman Gompert, (b. 1710 Amersfoort) Davids Wife Batya , died 2 Sep 1805 Feb 1st 1783. See also marriage act for Isaac Eizik David Wienek and Levie-Content translated into Dutch by David Lion Arons, sworn translator. Brother Abraham married Marianne Mirjam Mordechai v.Emden. Benjamin Lemans is probably Davids brother-in-law (Benedictus Leman Winnig) (1748-1808). Emanuel Salomon Nykerk is probably Emanuel Mendele Salomon Zalman Nijkerk Solicitor, birth 1758 Nijkerk, died 1832 Amsterdam.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1238