Will Extract
GOMEZ Salomon Levy
Reference NA573
Family Name GOMEZ
Forenames Salomon Levy
Probate Date 1774 (19 Oct)
Address Bevis Marks
Occupation Gentleman
Other Relatives
Bequests Jacob (of Spitalfields), Emanuel and Solomon Bernal, Aaron Lamego of Southwalk, Rachel Lamego (his sister now married); Jacob Israel Bernal and Abraham Bernal both of Kingston, Jamaica; Raphael Vaz de Silva of Bevis Marks; Rachel of Moses Serra the painter ('who lived with me'); Isaac Bernal jr.
Executors, Administrators Raphael Vaz de Silva and Isaac Bernal jr.
Witnesses Thomas Constable, Ann Shaw and Stephen Stillwell
Notes Mentions the Estate of Joseph bernal otherwise Casper Francis Bernal
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1001