Will Extract
SALAZAR Tersa Mendez (otherwise Judita Gomes Salazar)
Reference NA576
Family Name SALAZAR
Forenames Tersa Mendez (otherwise Judita Gomes Salazar)
Probate Date 1728 (24 July) and 1724 (27 April)
Address Swanenburg Street, Amsterdam
Spouse Lewis Mendez Da Costa alias Abraham Henriques Da Costa
Parents Abraham Gomes Salazar
Children Daughters; Sarah the wife of Ferdinand Rodrigues Sylva, Rachel the wife of David Henriques De Souza, Rita (deceased) the wife of Raphael Mendez Da Costa, Esther (deceased) the wife of Raphael Mendez Da Costa. Sons; Moses, Jacob Raphael and Benjamin Mendez Da Costa.
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators Moses Mendez Da Costa
Witnesses Amant Roormond, Franois Changnion and P. De Marolles.
Notes Translated from the Low Dutch then to French and English. Family firm is Lewis and John Mendez Da Costa
NA Cat Ref PROB/11/596