Will Extract
RABA Gabriel Salomon Henriques
Reference NA588
Family Name RABA
Forenames Gabriel Salomon Henriques
Probate Date 1826 (15 March)
Address Bordeaux
Occupation Merchant and Consul General of Portugal
Siblings Jacob Henriques Raba, François Henriques Raba jr., Aaron Henriques Raba,
Other Relatives Brother François has four children including 'the wife of Avigdor'. Niece, Celeste Marie married to Daniel Lopes Pereira (the three children of Celeste include Aristide and Felix). Celeste's sister is married to Mr. Delman of Toulouse; The four Misses Lima. The Two Misses Chaves. Cousin, Antonia Jose Des Santos
Bequests Synagogue at Bordeaux, Rabbi Kachan? Logozan?, "our woman in the country named Catherine". Mr Dupuy 'our manager' (Raba Brothers) in Toulouse.
Executors, Administrators Jacob and François Henriques Raba jr
Witnesses Mart Pierre Marie Emyoniou?, G. Mailleros? and Mr. Raffet.
Notes Translated from the French. 71- Isaac Samuel AVIDGOR, (1776- ), came from Nice, merchant in 1811, son of Isaac (1754-1805) and Esther Locchio. Married Gabrielle Pauline Henriette Raba (1791, Bordeaux), 7 children: Esther Eloise (1808), Stephanie-Rebecca (1810), Etienne (1811), Moise-Jules, banker (1812), Henri (1814) and the twins Frederic (1818) and Laure (1818).
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1710