Will Extract
ELKIN Benjamin
Reference NA596
Family Name ELKIN
Forenames Benjamin
Probate Date 1848 (7 July)
Address Upper Bedford Place, Russell Square.
Occupation Merchant
Siblings Cathe the wife of Joseph Moses of Portsea, Mosely of Barbados
Children Isaac Benjamin Elkin, Jacob Levy Elkin, Eliza the wife of Joseph Brandeis, Juliana Elkin and Catherine Elkin.
Other Relatives Son-in-law, Joseph Brandeis; brother-in-law, Solomon Jacob Waley
Bequests Nathan solomon, clerk; Frederick Hart; Francis Waiter Marks and Dinah Marks children of Rev.***W*** Marks; Theodore Th****? of Manchester; Mary Atric? Cook; James Pinnock, Coachman; James Griffin, Footman and Elizabeth Davies, previous cook; Ann Laws, servant.
Executors, Administrators Isaac Benjamin Elkin, Jacob Levy Elkin, Solomon Jacob Waley and Frederick Hart
Witnesses Sampson Samuel of *** Buildings, Finsbury Circus and Robert Morris of 25 Haberdasher Street his clerk
Notes Business partner in Trinadad is Samuel Jacob Simmonds and partner in Barbados is Edward Aaron Moses.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/2077