Will Extract
BRANDON Jonathan Israel
Reference NA062
Family Name BRANDON
Forenames Jonathan Israel
Probate Date 1765 (14 May)
Address Hamburg
Siblings Brothers Moses Israel Brandon, Salomon Israel Brandon, Joseph Israel Brandon of Amsterdam, David Israel Brandon, Joseph Israel d’Andrades . Sister is Rebecca Jesarum.
Other Relatives Nephews and Nieces, Lea the daughter of Moses Israel Brandon married the son of Manuel Israel Brandon Salomons), Abraham Israel Brandon and Manuel Israel Brandon sons of Solomon Israel Brandon, Moses Israel Fonseca of London son of David Israel Brandon, Manuel the son of Joseph Israel d’Andrades
Bequests Maid servant Jeche Levy
Executors, Administrators Manuel Israel Brandon of London
Witnesses John Jacob Saucke, Henning Christian Tiniman, Christian Andreas Tieck, Johann Hinrich Zarpike, Hans Hin Willigman, Heinrich Jacob Meyer, Johann Bernhardt Moller. Attested by Joach Zehker and Bernhard Kleseker. Hamburg.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/908