Will Extract
Reference NA616
Family Name MYERS
Forenames Leah
Probate Date 1811 (20 Dec)
Address Bethnal Green
Occupation Widow
Spouse Nathan
Siblings Rysia otherwise Rosy Moses, widow. Brother, Henry Hyams
Other Relatives sister-in-law Brandlow wife of Henry Hyams. Her daughters are Phoebe the wife of Solomon Levy, Betsy the wife of **** Marks, tailor and Judith the wife of Aaron Cohen.
Bequests Polly Israel wife of Israel Israel and Kitty Israel the wife of Moses Israel. Leah Solomons the wife of David Coleman Solomons and her daughters Catherine, Mary and Maury. Sarah, Mary and Kitty Levy Newton two of the daughters of Moses Levy Newton. Elizabeth Solomons the mother of David Coleman Solomons. David Depaz of Wilson Street, Mrs. Simons the widow of Da**** Simons, Sampson Coleman Solomon of St. Mary Axe, Rebecca Phillips the wife of Philip Salomon, Mrs. Kitty Nathan of Bethnal Green, Hannah Levy the widow of Henry Levy, Milkman, **** Myer of ***boron near Coblentz, Germany, Fanny and Polly Mitchell daughters of Myke? Blemthy?, Leah and Betsy Myers daughters of Ainsley, butcher of Rosemary Lane.
Executors, Administrators Moses Levy Newton and David Coleman Solomons
Witnesses S. Ma**** of 2 **** Place, Bethnal Green, Joseph Graham clerk to Mr. R. Welch and James Eppsy. Appeared Catherine Nathan, spinster of Bethnal Green
Notes Hambro Synagogue. See also NA489 for David Coleman Solomon
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1528