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CAPUA Mordecai
Reference NA068
Family Name CAPUA
Forenames Mordecai
Probate Date 1840 (6 March)
Address Duke's Place
Occupation Orange Merchant
Spouse Hannah
Siblings Sister Rebecca Genese
Children Esther Pesman, Rebecca Isaacs.
Grandchildren Grandchildren (children of his deceased daughter Esther Pesman) Lewis Pesman Capua, Rebecca Davis, Emanuel Pesman and Betsy Pesman. children of his daughter Rebecca) Solomon Isaacs, Deborah Isaacs, Hannah Isaacs, Esther Isaacs, Mark Isaacs, Emanuel Isaacs and Benjamin Isaacs. Great grand children (children of Lewis Pesman Capua) Amelia Pesman Capua, Esther Pesman Capua and John Pesman Capua. Also Mordecai Pesman Capua (son of Lewis?)
Other Relatives John Pesman son-in-law, husband of the late Esther and Sampson, Emanuel and Esther Genese, children of his sister Rebecca.
Bequests Joseph Lyons, General dealer of Providence Place, Petticoat Lane.
Executors, Administrators Hannah Capua and Lewis Pesman Capua
Witnesses Maurice Dyte of 44 Houndsditch and W. Richard of Portland Place, Clapton
Notes Lewis Pesman (son of John and Esther Pesman) adopted the name Capua. Mordecai has freehold at 35 Duke Street is occupied by Mr. Isaacs. Also Leaseholds at 5 Dukes Place and 5 Heneage Lane.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1924