Will Extract
Reference NA075
Family Name COHEN
Forenames Judah
Probate Date 1839 (11 Jan)
Address Herne Hill
Occupation Merchant
Spouse Grace
Siblings Hymen Cohen
Children Albert and Henry, unmarried daughters, Abigail, Rebecca and Matilda, married daughters Maria Cohen, Sarah Esther wife of his nephew Judah Hymen Cohen and Sarah Frances wife of Barnard van Oven.
Other Relatives
Bequests Henry Cerf, David Stapleton, Minister and Clerk, Joshua Hunter, gardener, and Edward Ballard Romble? Sugar Broker.
Executors, Administrators Grace Cohen, Albert Cohen, Alexander Hyam Cohen, Edward Ballard Romble? And Nathan Joseph, Merchant of Kingston.
Witnesses James Brooke, John Osborne Barratt,Thomas Offillt of 16 Furnivals Inn, London.
Notes Plantations in Jamaica include Potsdam and Corby Castle.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1905