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Da COSTA Isaac Rodrigues
Reference NA081
Family Name Da COSTA
Forenames Isaac Rodrigues
Probate Date 1805 (23 July)
Address London and Kingston, Jamaica
Occupation Merchant
Spouse Esther Rodrigues Da Costa
Siblings Brothers, Aaron Rodrigues Da Costa, Abraham Rodrigues Da Costa (his widow is Rebecca).
Children David Rodrigues Da Costa, Jacob Rodrigues Da Costa, Daniel Rodrigues Da Costa, Joseph Rodrigues Da Costa, daughters in law Sarah bat David Rodrigues Da Costa and Sarah bat Jacob Rodrigues Da Costa.
Grandchildren Grandsons, Isaac b. Jacob Rodrigues Da Costa and Abraham b. Jacob Rodrigues Da Costa.
Other Relatives Nieces, Sarah Mendes Pereira bat Isaac Mendes Senior, widow, London and Esther ….Vaz bat Abraham Rodrigues Da Costa (deceased). Son in law is Jacob Pirtillo? Corinaldi. His wifes children are David and Bathsheba Corinaldi, Sarah bat Hannel Morinas? Nunes and Rebecca Sobera …?
Bequests Raphael Brandon of London
Executors, Administrators Esther Rodrigues Da Costa, Samuel Pereira Mendes, Kingston, merchant and David Srinas, Kingston, merchant.
Witnesses David b. Moses Nunes, Samuel Per. Mendes, Abraham Lopes Suares and Isaac Furtado de Seixas.
Notes Frees a slave named Hariot and gives a girl slave named Jenny bat Caba to his wife. Other slaves to be sold.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1428