Will Extract
Reference NA086
Family Name DAVIS
Forenames David
Probate Date 1829 (29 June)
Address 28 Bury Street
Occupation Watchmaker, Optician and Jeweller
Spouse Elizabeth
Siblings Rosetta Woolf
Children Aaron, Jacob, Matilda and Catherine (other children not mentioned by name)
Other Relatives wife's brothers are Joseph Lazarus watchmaker of Castle Street, Houndsditch and Edward Lazarus, baker of Duke Street.
Executors, Administrators Elizabeth Davis, Joseph and Edward Lazarus,
Witnesses C. Davis and A.M. Davis both of 2 Castle Street, Houndsditch and Walter Hughes of 49 Lothburg.
Notes cf. DAVIS, D , German toy dealer 2 Castle St H'ditch, DAVIS, D , importer of German toys 2 Castle St Houndsditch , Robson 1830, DAVIS, D , watchmaker 28 Bury St St Mary Axe , Robson 1830, DAVIS, D watchmaker & optician 28 Bury St , Robson 1831, DAVIS, Edward, furrier 28 Bury St ,Pigot 1840, DAVIS, Jacob David, furrier 14 St Mary Axe , P O 1846, DAVIS, David watchmaker 28 Bury St, Bevis Marks , EC Pigot ,1836, DAVIS, David mathematical instrument maker 28 Bury St, St Mary Axe EC Pigot,1827 to 1828 LAZARUS & LAURANCE, West India merchants 5 Castle St Houndsditch ,P O 1846, LAZARUS & LAWRENCE, merchants 9 Castle Hill H'ditch, Pigot 1840, LAZARUS & LAWREN, W India merchants 9 Castle St H'ditch , Pigot 1836, LAZARUS & LAWREN, W India merchants 5 Castle St P O 1849, LAZARUS & LAWREN, watch & clockmakers 9 Castle St H'ditch ,Pigot 1828, LAZARUS & LAWREN, watch manufacturers 9 Castle St Houndsditch ,Robson 1830, LAZARUS & LAWREN, whlsle watch & clckmkr 9 Castle St H'ditch Pigot 1832, LAZARUS, Edward baker 36 Duke St Pigot 1832 -36
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1756