Will Extract
Reference NA008
Family Name AARONS
Forenames Aaron
Probate Date 1849 (24 Aug)
Address Knowles Court, Little Carter Lane, Doctors Common
Siblings Sophia Samuel of Manchester
Children Benjamin, Solomon, George Aarons, Elizabeth Alexander widow, Catherine wife of Moses Levy.
Grandchildren Alfred Aarons (son of Solomon), Abraham Aarons (son of Benjamin Aarons), Grace Aarons (daughter of Benjamin Aarons). Alfred, Benjamin, George, Alexander
Other Relatives daughter-in-law, Ester Aarons wife of Benjamin Aarons
Executors, Administrators Benjamin and Solomon Aarons
Witnesses John Collier, Carey Street and ?
Notes Aaron Aarons the son of Abraham from Lissa. Lissa (Polish)/Leszno (German) was a center for the fur trade between Russia and the Baltic and Leipzig, Hamburg and the Western European countries. Aaron Aarons was a furrier and it may be assumed that this had been a family business. Two of Aaron Aarons sons were also furriers and the third, George (Blind George Aarons) became notable in Freemasonry. A number of Aarons descendants migrated to Australia, these include Abraham Levy (NA297) and George Alexander who married Sophia Aaron of Birmingham (a niece of (NA006).
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/2097