Will Extract
Reference NA092
Family Name DAVIS
Forenames Noah
Probate Date 1854 (31 Jan)
Address 52 Clondsley Terrace, Islington and 5 Lyons Inn, Strand
Occupation Navy Agent
Children Isaac Noah Davis, Marcus Davis, David Davis, and James Davis. Jane, Julia the wife of John Avery and Elizabeth the wife of George Einhardt.
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators Isaac Noah Davis and John Avery
Witnesses W.H. Ashurst of 6 Old Jewry and J. Morris his clerk
Notes Probable marriage 1810 GSM 135/12. TJHSE29 Navy Agent Dec 1816 – July 1819 tailor and slopseller 6 Nightinghall Lane, TJHSE29 Navy Agent Jul 1819 – Sept 1820 tailor and slopseller 3 Manor Row Tower Hill, TJHSE29 Navy Agent Sep 1819 – Sept 1821 tailor and slopseller 13 Ratcliffe Highway TJHSE29 Navy Agent Sep 1821 – Nov 1835 tailor and slopseller 131 Ratcliffe Highway, TJHSE29 Navy Agent Nov 1835 – Sep 1842 tailor and slopseller 3 Dowgate Hill, TJHSE29 Navy Agent Sep 1842 – Oct 1845 tailor and slopseller 5 Lyon’s Inn Strand TJHSE29 Navy Agent Oct 1845
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/2184