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ELIAS Abraham
Reference NA097
Family Name ELIAS
Forenames Abraham
Probate Date 1770 (15 Aug)
Address Cheapside
Siblings brother Abolu?
Children Levy (deceased), Malka? And Sarah the wife of Henry Hamburg.
Grandchildren Levy the son of Henry Hamburg
Other Relatives daughter in law wife of the late Levy. Aaron Norden the son of his cousin Ruben and Solomon Norden son of his cousin Levy S..?
Bequests Synagogue at Nijmegen
Executors, Administrators Henry Hamburg, Aaron Norden b. Ruben and Solomon Norden b. Levy
Witnesses Moses Schomberg, appeared Ashur Keyser, Merchant of Allhallows and David Levy, merchant of St. Dionisis?
Notes Asks to be buried at Hoxton. He signs as Ashur Anshel the son of Elieser Neimegen
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/959