Will Extract
Reference NA645
Family Name BENJAMIN
Forenames Phoebe
Probate Date 1857 (15 Dec)
Address 66 High Street, Bloomsbury
Occupation Widow
Children Hannah, Sarah the wife of George Huber; Mary the wife of George Moss; Amelia Joseph; Benjamin Benjamin; Solomon Benjamin; Lewis Benjamin;
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators Jacob Levy, Fruit Salesman of Broad Court, Covent Garden and Judah Hart, Rag Merchant of Fort Street, Spitalfields.
Witnesses John M. Sturt clerk to *** Solomons of 22 Finsbury Square and Margaret Morgan of Cumberland Court, Cumberland Street. Middlesex Hospital.
Notes Phoebe probably, Survey, ID.24367. Spouse probably Ephraim Benjamin, see eg. Syn. Scribes GSM 350/35 BENJAMIN Amelia Marriage 1840 [4 Mar] NSB B042 BENJAMIN Amelia Birth 1818 [Sep 16] NSB B043 BENJAMIN Benjamin Birth 1821 [Dec 31] NSB B044 BENJAMIN Lewis Birth 1823 [Dec 31] NSB B045 BENJAMIN Solomon Birth 1829 [Jun 12] NSB B046 BENJAMIN Sarah Birth 1831 [Dec 10] NSB B047 BENJAMIN Mary Birth 1832 [Apr 29]
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/2261