Settlement Details
Jacobs Reuben
Database ID 160
Reference 4478
Year 1843
Date 7 Jun 1843
Family Name Jacobs
Forenames Reuben
Age or Birth
Marriage 1818
Spouse Fanny
Notes (X) his wife Fanny Jacobs (for some while of unsound mind and in Peckham Asylum) and 2 of their children Betsy Jacobs (12), Lazarus Jacobs (9) of 8 Fireball Court to Spitalfields. 28 years ago married by Jewish ritual and his father Abraham Jacobs died 10 years ago in 1 Ravens Row, Spitalfields which he had occupied 50 years and where Reuben born and lived until his marriage and 25 years ago rented and occupied 2 rooms at 4 Freeman St., Tenter Ground from (Mr) Wylie and stayed 3 years at 4s 6d p.w.