Settlement Details
Levy (mn) Rachel
Database ID 208
Reference 3252
Year 1859
Date 28 Dec 1859
Family Name Levy (mn)
Forenames Rachel
Age or Birth
Marriage 1836
Spouse Nathan Levy
Notes (46) widow of 19 New Street (in parish 6 months) married Nathan Levy at the Great Synagogue about 23 years ago and has 2 children Simon Levy (14) and Sarah Levy (7); husband born in Amsterdam no settlement in England; born in Cock and Hoop Yard, Houndsditch in Sep 1813; her parents stayed there 2 years and then moved to Bell Lane, Spitalfields and stayed several years occupied a little house in Bell Court at 3s 6d p.w. at No.14 then moved to No.13 and occupied 2 rooms at 4s 6d p.w.; she was 6 years old when father took rooms at No.13