Settlement Details
Samuels Francis (Frances?)
Database ID 305
Reference 3224
Year 1859
Date 20 Oct 1859
Family Name Samuels
Forenames Francis (Frances?)
Age or Birth 1819
Notes (40) of 20 Hutchison Avenue (in parish 3 years, previously with her sister in Bethnal Green); [married to Friedeberg Samuels at Birmingham by Jewish rites 20 years ago struck through] and has an illegitimate child Esther Samuels (18); [husband was a German travelled the country with goods struck through]; never been married; her father kept a silversmith’s shop near the Three Cups, Harwich, Essex and a shop in Ratcliffe Highway at 5s 6d p.w. until he died; she has an older sister, Sarah Moore of Bethnal Green near the Falcon