The Great Synagogue, copyright Guildhall Library MS Dept.

Founded in 1690, Dukes Place, London,  initially as a meeting place for prayer but not specifically devoted to public worship.

The first synagogue that was erected for service was consecrated on the eve of the New Year A.M. 5482 – 1722, at the expense of Moses Hart, who in 1756 bequeathed the property to the congregation. Repairs were made in 1767. And in 1790, due to the increased size of the congregation, the synagogue was taken down and a new synagogue was built, with Mrs Judith Levy, the daughter of Moses Hart, donating £4000 towards the expense.

The Synagogue was destroyed by fire as a result of a German bombing attack on London on 11th May 1941.

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List of Shochetim authorised by R. Solomon Hirschel

Hebrew nameEnglish namedateplace & notes
Zevi Hirsch b. Solomon of Simiatel Mr Hart 1 Heshv 5583Bidefield
Moses b. Benjamin 17 Heshv 5583
Nahman b. Z. the Levite S . Newman24 Sivan 5583 Leeds
Jonah b. Menachem Jonas Levy 15 Shebat 5583Cincinnati Ohio USA (from Exeter)
Solomon Israel Hornstein H. Solomon Horinstein 25 Sivan 5583Plymouth
Simon b Jehiel Sofer Simion Jonas21 Tammuz 5583
Hayyim b. Rabbi Isacher 1 Ab 5583
Michael Zalman Pollack Michael Zalman Pollack 26 Ab 5583 Plymouth
Judah Leb. b Mordecai 5 Elul 5583 Norwich
Falk Neumegen Falk Neumegen 28 Kislev 5584 Highgate
Abraham b. Sherage (sherga?) Feivish of Seija 22 Kislev 5584 Leeds
Abraham b. Neugass 9 Tebet 5584
Michael Elijah b A. of Rawitsch 11 Sivan 5584
Samuel b Michael 4 Tammuz 5584
Zeev Wolf b M8 Tammuz 5584
Joseph Benjamin Fishmonger Joseph Benjamin Fishmonger 6 Jul 5584 High st, Worcester
Zevi Hirsch b. Rabbi David of Bialistock (Bialystok)17 Tammuz 5584
Nathan b Meir First day of Selihot 5584 Bedford
Judah Leib b K15 Kislev 5585
Moses b Zevi Hirsch 23 Tebet 5585 Yarmouth
Jacob Koppel b. D. KJacob Koppel Hyman35th day of Omer Cheltenham
Moses b Leb Deutz Moses Levy37th day of Omer 5585of Frankfort on Main
Jehiel Michael b. Abraham 7 Heshvan 5586
Jacob b Kish (Kisch?)Jacob Kish (Kisch?)7 Heshvan 5586 Nottingham
Benjamin b Menahem 13 Kislev 5586 Brighton
M. Michael Glasgow
Simon b Ber Simon Campl12 Teb 5586
Jonathan B Rabbi Isacher 11 Shebat 5586
Joseph Abraham b A 21 Adar 1 5586 Bristol
Joseph Goldman Dartmouth
Alexander b Nathan Alexander Jacobs29 Mar 5586 (1826)
Michael Mordecai b Nissan 14 Tammuz 5586
Eliezer Lezer b Mordecai 14 Tammuz 5586of Lissa
Abraham b Joseph 10 Ab 5586
Salomon Zalman b A(kiba?) Solomon Sternburgh16 Ab 5586 Glasgow, from Saniekova (Carnikow?)
Eisik (of) Turkheim 15 Ab 5586
L. A. Samson 15 Ab 5586
Zevi Hirsch b Solomon Heilprin 27 Ab 5586
Isarel Elijah b Dov Ber 5 Hesh. 5587of Grabinavtzi or Gravinavtzi
Meir Jacob b Benjamin Benas (Beinish)10 Kisl 5587
Meir b Rabbi Isaac Stahagen 28 Elul 5587
Simon b Rabbi Jacob Leib 2 Heshv 5588
Michael Levi b R. S. Sofer 24 Heshv 5588of Carnikau
Judah Leb b Isahar Levi 13 Kisl 5588
W Abrahams 'Von Deemans Land'
Alexander b Eliezer Hanuccah 5588 Exeter
Benjamin b Rabbi Leb 14 Elul 5588of Hungary
Jehiel b R. Nathan 24 Elul 5588
Meir b Samuel 1st day of Holhamoed Succoth 5589
Arjeh b Jacob 5 Jan 5589Chazan in Jamaica
Abraham b David Berliner
Gabriel b ... 47th day of Omer 5589 Portsmouth
Jacob b Meir 14 Sivan 5589
Meir b Rabbi Judah 5589Swansea
Zeev Wolf b Rabbi B 20 Heshvan 5590of Biale
Meir Solomon Zalman b Aryeh Leb 20 Kislev 5590of Wladova
Meyer Lyon of Chichester
Moses b Jonah 19 Omer 5590 son-in-law to Mr Simon
Abraham b Isaac Levi A. Levy19 Omer 5590 Gloucester
Isaac b Jacob Wolf 13 Sivan 5590
Michael Levi 13 Ab 5590
Jacob5 Tishri 5591of Copenhagen
Moses b Hayyim Sachs Moritz Sachs6 Shevat 5591 Canterbury
Abraham b Rabbi Moses IsaacA Rozenbaum14 Omer 5591Rabbi Moses Isaac, Rabbi of Samlin
Jacob b Meir I. Isaac20 Omer 5591 Brighton
Isaac b Samuel 34 Omer ...
Moses b Joel 40 Omer 5591 Edinburgh
Michael Elijah b J 42 Omer 5591of Rawitsch
Nathan b Gedaljah
Koppel b Rabbi Perez Levi2 Tam
Simon b Jacob ben S ben A 5 Tam 5591of Wreschen
Israel Elijah b Rabbi Dov Ber 5591
Ephraim Arjeh b Meir Moses Ephraim Moses 23 Elul 5591 Scarborough
Nahman b Rabbi Simha
Zalman Rosenthal 10 Heshvan 5592
Aaron b A Aron Abrahams13 Heshvan 5592 Yarmouth
Joseph b Asher 22 Apr 5593
Solomon Platura Leeds
Judah b Joseph Levy Israel Joseph20 Aug 5593
Lewis Levy 13 Elul 5593 Bedford
Judah Leb b M. Leb 5594
Hirsch b Abraham Zevi 8 Adar II 5594of Gallin
Moses Landau Moses Lando 3 Sivan 5594Canterbury, of Krakau
Alexander Cohen 5 Aug 5594
Eliezer b Sam. Cohen
Israel Joseph (Minz?)
A. ben Zeev (also called Elijah Schneider)21 Elul 5594of Bialistok (Bialystok)
Judah Leb 4 Heshvan 5595of Witas in Moldavia
Baruch b Rabbi Abraham 7 Heshvan 5595
Leb. b Simon the Levite Lewis Simon1 Dec 5595
Menahem b Hanok 26 Shebat 5595
Jesaiah Zeev 9 Nisan 5595of Pitschow
Solomon Zalman b Eliezer SchotlenderDayyan in Wreschen
Nathan b Rabbi Gerson 23 Shebat 5596
Zalman Rosental 3 Adar 5596
Judah b Jacob 1 Ijjar 5596
Nisan b Michael Abraham 4 Ijjar 5596of Breslau
Benjamin Berlin 14 Tammuz 5596
Leb Wolf b Rabbi Juda Sternberg 1st day of Holhamoed Succot 5597
Petahjah b Isachar Ber1st day Holhamoed Succot 5597
Shmerl b Rabbi Abraham Katzenellenbogen 23 Heshvan 5597
Michael Simon Nuernberg 10 Adar 1 5597
Mordecai b Rabbi Moses Zevi 10 Ijjar 5597
Jesajah Zeev1 Tammuz 5597of Pintschow
Joseph b R... 20 Elul 5597
Moses b Zevi Hirsch Lissenheim 9 Tammuz 5598of Schoenlake
Joseph Caro 10 Elul 5598
Abraham Sisman (Lipman?) b Joseph Eppelman 4 Kislev 5599
Jacob Leb b Rabbi Mose 1 Nisan 5599 went to Greenwich
Moses b Joel 9 Tammuz 5599
Juda Leb b Nisan 23 Heshvan 5600nephew of R. Jacob of Sunderland, Mr Jacob Joseph High St Sunderland
Nathan b Joseph the Cohanite, Blitz 4 Ijjar 5600Shohet to Mr Mayer
Aryeh Zeev b Rabbi Juda Sternberg 10 Sivan 5600
Moses Judah b Rabbi Noah 5600
Joshua Ezekiel Levi 4 Tammuz 5600
Nathan Cohn 21 Tammuz 5600
Joseph Caro 2 Ab Newcastle
Shmerl b Rabbi Abraham Katzenellenbogen
Jehiel b Rabbi Nathan
Judah Leb b ... Fraenkel 11 Elul 5600
Samuel b Hayyim Hazan 11 Elul 5600in Manchester
Michael Zevi b Simon M. H. Simonson25 Shevat 5601
Moses b Meir C'z 5 Tammuz 5601
Simha b D. Caro 29 Tammuz 5601of Posen
Dov Ber b Isaac 25 Ab 5601
David b S. M. the Levite 19 Shebat 5602of Kalish
Isaac Jacob b Rabbi A. the Cohanite 13 Adar 5602
Mose Kosk (possibly Falk) 24 of Omer 5602
Raphael b Rabbi Issacher Ber 18 Ab 5602
Mose Rabbinowitch the Cohen 26 Ab 5602
Michael Simon b M. Nurnberg 17 Elul
Shemarjah David Randel? 4th day of Selihot 5603
Joseph b B.17 Elul 5603of F..s (Freistadt?)
Eliezer b R. Simon 24 Elul 5603
Abraham b Rabbi Zeril Day after Succot 5605
Issachar b Eliezer 23 Heshvan 5605
Jacob Isaac the Cohanite 20 Shevat 5605
Edward Himes 17 Mar 5606
Michael Zevi b Rabbi S. 48 Omer 5605 Hazan in Manchester
Zevi Hirsch b Rabbi Isaac 11 Ab 5605of Sklow
Baruch b Rabbi Abraham 11 Ab 5605 Shohet of the New Synagogue in Manchester
Wolf b.. 31st day of Omer 5587
Joseph Kalish 12 Sivan 5587beadle of the Synagogue in Alie Street
List of Shochetim authorised by R. Solomon Hirschel from The rabbinate of the Great Synagogue, London, from 1756-1842 (1921) Charles Duschinsky available at

Benevolent Members of the Great Synagogue

Moses HART
Dr Samuel de FALK
Levy Barent COHEN
Judah PHILLIPS of Jamaica
Lazarus SIMONS
Israel ELKIN (of Jamaica)
Abraham Lyon MOSES
Mrs Barnet JOSEPH

Sub – Committee who drew up the revised Code of Laws 1858

Dr Bernard VAN OVEN (Chairman)
Samuel MOSES
Sampson SAMUEL
Simeon OPPENHEIM (Synagogue Secretary)

Officers of the Congregation 1863

The Rev. Dr Nathan Marcus ADLER (Chief Rabbi)
Sir Anthony ROTHSCHILD   (Warden)
Louis NATHAN   (Warden)
Ephraim ALEX   (Warden)
Philip LAWRENCE   (Treasurer)
Lionel Louis COHEN   (Overseer)
Baron Lionel de ROTHSCHILD M.P.   (Committee)
Louis COHEN   (Committee)
Lewis JACOBS   (Committee)
Joshua ALEXANDER   (Committee)
Samuel MOSES   (Committee)
David M DAVIDSON   (Committee)
S. A. JONAS   (Committee)
Rev. Simon ASCHER   (Reader)
Rev. Moses KEIZER   (Reader)
Simeon OPPENHEIM   (Secretary)

Past Officers:

Solomon COHEN   5578
Samuel Moses SMUEL   5581
Philip SAMUEL   5587
Abraham HORT   5588
Mark WOLFF   5592
Benjamin COHEN   5593
Louis Cohen   5597
S. B. WORMS   5600
Baron Lionel de ROTHSCHILD M.P.   5601
Henry H COHEN   5601
J. Henry MOSES   5605
Aaron JOSEPH   5605
Sir Anthony ROTHSCHILD Bart   5607
Lewis JACOBS   5607
Joshua ALEXANDER   5614
Samuel MOSES   5614
Z. A. JESSEL   5614
Louis NATHAN   5616
Micheal EMANUEL   5617
Baron Meyer de ROTHSCHILD M. P. 5621
David M DAVIDSON   5621
Ephraim ALEX   5623

Past Overseers:

Meyer LEVIN   5585
Israel ISAACS   5585
Solomon JOSEPH   5596
Henry EMANUEL   5596
Bartholomew HARRIS 5597
A. N. MYERS   5606
Joseph MOSES   5606
Henry MOSES   5610
Lawrence HYAM   5613
S. A. JONES   5613
Barnet MEYERS   5623
Lionel L COHEN   5623

Additional Members of the Vestry elected 5600

Sampson SAMUEL

Members of the Vestry elected for two years to 5624

Samuel de SYMONS

Isaac HYAM
B. S. PHILLIPS (Alderman)
Sailing SCHIFF
Michael SAMUEL
Asher H HART

Treasurers of the Burial Society

Source: Laws of The Congregation of the Great Synagogue Duke’s Place London Revised and enacted A. M. 5623 – 1853