Will Extract
Reference NA1204
Family Name ERGAS
Forenames Jacob
Probate Date 1792 (20 July)
Address Leghorn
Parents David Ergas
Siblings Lea widow of Jacob Carvaglio
Other Relatives Nephew, Abram (son of Lea and Jacob) Carvaglio. Niece, Rachel (daughter of Lea and Jacob) the wife of Emanuel Parodorogino. Children of Rachel and Emanuel are Lea, Bianca, Ester and Hana the wife of David Abram Rios and Isaac David Parodorogino (Isaac David married to Rachel Carvaglio). Cousin, Jacob Hai Ergas
Bequests Solomon Israel Leone, Isaac of Manuel Sinigaglia, Hana of Joseph Anan,Ruben of Moise Finzi, Jacob Rafael Eminenti. Aron son of Salomon Supino. Hana Isaxar Tedesco. Bequest to Mrs Lima/Luna? the daughter of the late Leon Melli who has had a “long cohabitation with the testator”.
Executors, Administrators Angelo and Sandidia? Uzielli (both of London?) sons of Rafael Uzielli
Witnesses Attested by Manuel Nunes, Chancellor of the Hebrew Nation in Leghorn
Notes Recorded in the Register Book of the Dead marked no. 2 and kept in the Chancery of the said nation to be read as follows Thursday the 18th Day of Ab 5550 and 29th July 1790, Jacob son of David Ergas no. 107. Translated from the Italian by J. de Pinna. The marriage of his sister Leah is mentioned in book on Livorno and trade (the agreement is recorded in the Archivio di Stato, Florence) that includes an account of the Ergas and Silvera company (Leah and Jacob Ergas were second cousins of the famous Coral merchants). The marriage settlement in 1744 with Jacob Baruch Carvaglio included 6,000 pieces plus the customary 50%. and Leahs dowry included 4,500 pieces in cash left by her father, and 1,500 in a portion of a building in via Ferdinanda that his brothers owned See Trivellato 2009.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1220