GSEAB : GREAT SYNAGOGUE’s EARLY ACCOUNT BOOK These Hebrew names from the Great Synagogue’s Early Account Books form the “Appendix” to Cecil Roth’s list of Great Synagogue Members on pp.184-5 of Vol.VI of the Miscellanies of the Jewish Historical Society of England. Roth adds the heading “Names taken from the earliest Account Books, 1708 to c.1750”; while the last 36 names come under an extra heading “Additional Names after 1746?” – probably referring similarly to the years up to c.1750. Roth left the whole list unnumbered, and it is here transcribed in the order he gives it, with numbering added. See full introduction by Henry Roche Dec 2014.

GSMEM : MEMBERSHIP LIST OF THE GREAT SYNAGOGUE derives from the two known existing transcriptions by Cecil Roth (publ.1962) and Albert M. Hyamson (Hyamson Collection, on microfiche). Roth’s list goes only to 1791, Hyamson’s continues into the 19th century. Both transcriptions clearly derive from the same Great Synagogue source books. This new transcription extends to 1817, is fully checked against both versions, and includes all additional notes that Roth and Hyamson appended to their lists. For abbreviations and many other details, see the full Introduction by Henry Roche Dec 2014.

MPS : MIDRASH PHINEAS SUBSCRIBERS This remarkable list of Midrash Phineas Subscribers does not appear to have been transcribed in full until now. The Midrash Phineas is a book of sermons by Phineas (or Pinchas) ben Samuel, published in London in 5595 (1794–5), printed entirely in Hebrew, with a list of more than 250 Subscribers’ names. The list’s great value lies not only in its early date and substantial length, but also in the presentation of the names in alphabetical order of first letter under the heading of each synagogue.
The numbering used has been created for the purpose of this transcription, with each number including the subscriber’s synagogue in abbreviated form (GS, NS etc.). See full introduction by Henry Roche Dec 2014.



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