Genealogy should be more than just a list of names on a page, we hope these tables will add some much needed “flesh” to the otherwise dry bones of your distant ancestors and encourage you, where possible, to look at the original material from which we have created these indexes and learn even more about them and the societies in which they lived.

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We offer this random collection of Secular Records as an adjunct to our main searchable database. The tables have been indexed from a variety of archive sources, printed publications, on-line data and privately donated material.

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City of London Settlements
Tax 1693 – 1694>
City of London Census
Jewish Apprentices Listed by Apprentice
Jewish Apprentices Listed by Master
Selected Jewish Masons 1717 – 1860
Subscribers to 1807 Prayer Book
Hull Alien registration certificates 1793 – 1815

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The lists are not comprehensive, some of the individuals mentioned may not have been Jewish, and we may have missed others who were. Much of the material predates 1791 – the earliest date for most available Jewish Synagogue and Community Records. If you have hit a brick wall, or have some frustrating gaps in your family tree, maybe you will find a name or an address here that will help unlock the mystery.