BSGSBUR : GREAT SYNAGOGUE BURIAL REGISTERS 1791-1823 with additional records for the year 1832.  This Database was created by Angela Shire from records transcribed by the late Rabbi Dr. Bernard Susser.  As always, we are grateful to Frank Gent and the Susser Archive for permitting the use of this material.

BSHAMBURHAMBRO BURIAL REGISTERS 1788 – 1814  transcribed by the late Rabbi Dr. Bernard Susser and reproduced by kind permission of Frank Gent and the Susser Archive found here. Please note that although the transcript is complete, the original record itself may only be a partial coverage of the period. Additional notes and identifications by Angela Shire & Gaby Laws, co-owners of and

DEL : CANTERBURY CEMETERY RECORDS Data abstracted from a survey made in 1973 by Dr. Nicholas De Lange and Julia Schwab (Neuberger).

DPL : GREAT SYNAGOGUE BURIAL REGISTERS  University of Southampton Library Two Registers of Burials at the German Jews Burying Ground Great Synagogue London 1776 – 1810 with interments at the New Cemetery Ducking Pond Lane Bethnal Green (Brady Street) from 1790 Archives & MS: Ref MS 116/107 AJ. Produced, published and copyright Angela Shire, SynagogueScribes.

GSBUR : GREAT SYNAGOGUE BURIAL REGISTERS for the year 1832 (14 Jun – 30 Dec),  Great Synagogue Burials  1791-1837. Produced, published and copyright Angela Shire.

HAMBURHL : HAMBRO BURIAL RECORDS English only index of 1498 burials 1791 -1872 abstracted from LDS film no 94667. Complete transcriptions of the records up to 1837 can be seen in the printed book published by Harold and Miriam Lewin, who generously donated this English only index. Bruial Records of the Great & Hambro Synagogues – London 1791 – 1937 ISBN 978-965-91261-2-5.

HAMBROSYN : HAMBRO BURIAL RECORDS Extracts from LDS Microfilm 0094667 Births, Marriages, Burials of the German Jews 1770-1905 supplied by Mike Levoi.