Will Extract
LOUSADA Daniel Baruh
Reference NA1268
Family Name LOUSADA
Forenames Daniel Baruh
Probate Date 1769 (20 Oct)
Address Fen Court, Fenchurch Street
Occupation Merchant
Spouse 1. Rachel (deceased). 2. Rebecca
Parents Mother, Rachel Baruh Lousada
Siblings Emanuel Baruh Lousada
Children Abigail, Rachel and Rebecca
Other Relatives Mother-in-law, Abigail Baruh Lousada. Aunts, Rebecca Aguilar, Rebecca Mendes Da Costa. Brothers-in-law, Emanuel and Isaac Baruh Lousada Jr. Cousin, Isaac Aguilar,
Bequests David Samuda; Isaac Sequeira, Physician; Dr. Philip De Sarom; Isaac Penha; Mordecai Penha; Among charitable bequests includes several in Jamaica
Executors, Administrators Rachel Baruh Lousada, Emanuel Baruh Lousada and Abraham Aguilar all of Jamaica and Emanuel Baruh Lousada Jr., Isaac Baruh Lousada and David Samuda of London
Witnesses William Coulmin?, Moses Dias Fernandes and John Ellis, Scrivener behind the Stock Exchange.
NA Cat Ref Portuguese Burial Ground, Mile End next to his late wife. Cf. also NA820 and NA821.