Will Extract
Reference NA148
Family Name GOMPERTZ
Forenames Solomon
Probate Date 1791 (20 May)
Address Somerset Street, St. Botolph
Occupation Gentleman
Spouse Elizabeth
Parents Moses Hyam
Other Relatives Mother of his wife is his sister Beyla Levy? Niece Golda Levy wife of Benjamin Levy of Canterbury. Nephew is Samuel Levy Samuels son of Joseph Levy Samuels of Oberdorlph in Germany. He mentions also Rebecca, Polly, Elizabeth, Isaiah and Hyman Levy children of his nephew Solomon Levy, watchmaker of London.
Bequests The two mulatto boys Simon and David Gompertz 'named by me from their infancy'
Executors, Administrators Elizabeth Gompertz, Benjamin Elias of Goodman's Fields, Lyon Gompertz of Crutched Friars and Barent Gompertz of Bury Street
Witnesses Solomon Philips and Abraham Philips. Appeared to certify death Martin Renyolds and Simon Surkett.
Notes His tombstone is to read 'Here lies Solomon the son of the Rabbi Moses Hyam departed this world on....' See also the will of Samuel Levy Samuel d. 1845. Also Gazette ******Simon Gompertz is Plaintif and Elizabeth Gompertz, Widow, and others, are Defendants, whereby it is referred to John Campbell, Esq; one of the Masters of the said Court, to enquire whether David Gompertz, in the Decree named, is now absent from this Kingdom, and whether he has been heard of within Ten Years and whether he is now living or dead, and if dead when he died, and who is or are his Personal Representative or Representatives?—The said David Gompertz was a Sailor on board His Majesty's Ship L'Pompa, and afterwards drafted from that Ship to the Active Frigate, which sailed from Portsmouth to the River St. Lawrences therefore any Person or Persons that can give ?ny "Information whether the said David Gompertz is living or dead, and if dead when he died, and who is or are his Personal Representative …..
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/1204