Will Extract
De LIZ Rachel
Reference NA1383
Family Name De LIZ
Forenames Rachel
Probate Date 1691 (3 April)
Address London
Occupation Widow
Children Abraham Lopes De Liz of Amsterdam, Esther Del Monte and Sarah the wife of Peter Henriques Jr.
Grandchildren Jacob Lopes De Liz, Sarah and Grace Del Monte and Rachel Henriques.
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators Abraham Lopes De Liz and Peter Henriques Jr.
Witnesses Benjamin Nunes, Abraham De Paiva, Elias Lindo and Lucas Emand? Notary Public all of London.
Notes Possibly Rachel Suasso (b. 1659) who married in 1677 Francisco De Liz (b. 1648), although this could perhaps be her son Abraham who was also known as Francisco. See also transcript of the will of Diego Marques (blog on Synagogue Scribes).
NA Cat Ref Prob/11/404