Will Extract
Reference NA1837
Family Name BARNET
Forenames Isaac
Probate Date 1909 (31 March)
Address Alma Road St. Kilda Melbourne
Spouse Flora
Children Caroline Barnet Nahum Barnet Henry Florian Barnet Nathaniel Jacob Barnet
Grandchildren Naiada Flora Barnet. Irma Miriam Barnet and Dulcie Carmel Barnet daughters of Nahum
Other Relatives Daughter-in-law Ada Barnet. niece Florence Joseph the wife of Joshua Herbert Joseph.
Executors, Administrators Caroline Barnet Spinster of Alma Road (she renounced right to be executor). Nahum Barnet Architect of 117 Alma Road. Henry Florian Barnet Gentleman of 46 Alma Road.
Witnesses Samuel Gabriel Pirani Solicitor of 412B Collins Street Melbourne and William Aubrey Quarrill Clerk of 30 Byron Street St. Kilda.
NA Cat Ref Vic 110820