Will Extract
LOPES Mordecai Rodrigues
Reference NA2455
Family Name LOPES
Forenames Mordecai Rodrigues
Probate Date 1796 [16 Mar]
Address Perry Street St.Pancras Middlesex
Spouse Rebecca Pereira
Children Manaseh.Rachel.Esther Franco(deceased) wife of Abraham Franco
Grandchildren Raphael. Lydia.Rebecca.Abigail.Esther Franco.Benjamin.Mordecai.Manaseh Pereira. Sarah.Rebecca.Abigail. Leah.Esther.Isaac Pereira (children of his daughter Rachel)
Other Relatives
Bequests Joshua Pereira. Jamaica. Moses Isaac Levy.Piccadilly. Emanuel Baruh Lousada. Perry Street
Executors, Administrators Manaseh Lopes.Moses Isaac Levy.Emanuel Baruh Lousada
Witnesses William Dunn.Charles Deare Lincolns Inn
Notes Asks to be buried according to the Rites and ceremonies of the Jews. His son Manasseh Masseh born Jamaica (1755-1831) converted to Christianity in 1802 because at the time no Jew could be elected to Parliament. He became Sir Manasseh Masseh Lopes 1st Baronet
NA Cat Ref PROB 11/1272