Will Extract
Pardo Joseph
Reference NA2528
Family Name Pardo
Forenames Joseph
Probate Date 1755 [6 Nov]
Address Amsterdam
Parents David. Esther
Siblings Saul. Abraham both living in Suriname
Other Relatives
Bequests Parnassim and Sedeka of the Portuguese Jewish nation for prayers after his death and on his birthday 19 September 1687 (Friday 12 Tisiri 5448) and in memory of his parents. Portuguese Jews charities. House keeper Ester Ezaars? Of Smalkalten
Executors, Administrators Administration granted to Jacob Pereira the Syndkirk of Jeudah de Jacob de Prado. Joseph Suasso? De Lima. Isaac de Crafto. Moses de Chaves. Selomeh Henriques Ferreyra. Moses Telles de Costa the Parnassim of the Synagogue of the Portuguese Jewish nation Amsterdam
Witnesses Willem Appels. Dominicus Van Vianen. D. Van den Brink notary
Notes Specifies that his gravestone is to be blue stone with an epitaph written by the Testator and attached to his will. Requests to be buried in the Bethaim. Oudenkerk. Requests that under his gravestone the ‘best and strongest frames must be placed of the same sort and height of Daniel Arias so that it might be every way made like that which lays there already for him Arias near his first wife.’ Translated from Dutch.
NA Cat Ref PROB 11/819