Will Extract
Reference NA004
Family Name AARON
Forenames Jacob
Probate Date 1853 (14 April)
Address Bolingbroke Row, Coalworth, Surrey
Occupation Hosier and ?
Children Frances, Ann, Mary
Other Relatives
Executors, Administrators Frances and Ann Aaron
Witnesses Alexander Jones of 13 Paragon, New Kent Road and J. Palina his clerk.
Notes Name recorded as Aaron/Heron ‘Jacob Heron heretofor called Jacob Aaron’. This is probably the patriarch of the Aaron family that adopted the name Heron (Jacob Aaron d. 26 Feb 1853 – death cert) Information on this family courtesy Judith Wimborne, Australia.. If so he is probably Jacob Aaron b Leib Milk-man who in 1807 married Catherine Benjamin bat Hirsh Mulhausen (GSM 110/43). The children of Leib Milkman (Neuberg) and his wife Deborah were; Jacob b. 1786, Phineas, Mary and Polly. The children of Jacob and Catherine (in the will only Frances, Hannah and Mary) were: Frances (Fanny) married John Jacobs; Ann; Sarah married M. Mendelssohn; Alfred married Charlotte Benjamin; Mary (Miriam) b 1834 married Benjamin Marks b 1829; Henry; Deborah married Michael Barnett; Joseph, Charles, Lewis, Rose married Gabriel Bennett and Benjamin. Henry had a son Albert Heron, b 1849 who married Phoebe Saltiel (10 children) and a daughter Deborah who married Abraham Levy (1840-1898) the son of Catherine Aarons and Moses Levy (the marriage was at the house of her aunt and uncle Benjamin and Mary Marks 218 Bourke Street East, (The Argus, Melbourne, Monday 1 March 1869).
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/2170