Will Extract
SIMON Lazarus
Reference NA503
Family Name SIMON
Forenames Lazarus
Probate Date
Address London
Occupation Broker
Spouse Margoles
Siblings Sister Bilah Israel in Hamburg
Other Relatives Niece Judy(?) Kyley Levy daughter of Moses Levy. Lazarus Isaac now or late of London the son of his sister Bilah Israel. Mosley Levy also of Hamburg. Sisters-in-law, Judith Hart and Jacobed Hart
Bequests Joseph Chaplin Hankey, Esquire of Fenchurch Street, and Hyman Levy, jeweller of Leadenhll Street. His servant is Ann Pilkinton. Bequest to the children of Hyman Levy, Lazarus Israel, Bilah Israel, Mosely Levy and Simon Levy (minor). Hyman Levy also has a sister in Hamburg named Matrli? Other bequests in a codicil to members of the Hankey family. Also to Mrs Jud Levy, Mrs. Franks the wife of Mark Franks, Hyman Levy and his wife Jane, Sarah? the daughter of Aaron Franks, Rachel the wife of Solomon Henry, Lazarus (Balok?) Joseph (son of his sister),
Executors, Administrators Margoles Simon, Joseph Chaplin Hankey and Hyman Levy.
Witnesses Saville Read and William Griffiths.
Notes Burial ground at Mile End of ‘called Moses Hart’s Synagogue’ next to tombs of late father and mother.
NA Cat Ref Prob 11/904