Settlement Details
Abrahams Reuben
Database ID 11
Reference 4436
Year 1842
Date 29 Jan 1842
Family Name Abrahams
Forenames Reuben
Age or Birth 1807
Marriage 1837
Spouse Rebecca
Address 6 Petticoat Square, Petticoat Lane
Notes (X) and his wife Rebecca Abrahams and infant son Abraham Abrahams (6 months) of 6 Petticoat Square, Petticoat Lane to St George in the East. Martha Lazarus (X) of 6 Fashion Alley, Petticoat Lane, general dealer that she knows Abraham Abrahams father of Reuben well, and he rented and occupied a house next door to her, 45 Pennington St., St George at 8s p.w. and stayed several years 34 years ago and house then belonged to Abraham Davis. Reuben says he is 35 and married 5 years ago by Jewish ritual at Great Synagogue, St James Duke’s Place.