Settlement Details
Plastow (mn) Esther
Database ID 273
Reference 3113
Year 1857
Date 25 Nov 1857
Family Name Plastow (mn)
Forenames Esther
Age or Birth 1794
Marriage 1821
Notes (63) widow married her late husband at All Hallows Barking 36 years ago and lived in 2 rooms in Stoney Lane at 5s per week and he’d been there many years before marriage and stayed another year after marriage; then went to Elliston Street and stayed a year at 4s per week then to Fire Ball Court under (Mr) Chapman at 3s per week for one room and stayed nearly 10 years then to house lately in the occupation of Benabo at 1 4s per month and stayed a year then to a house which stood opposite Devonshire Chapel and occupied a floor at 4s per week had 2 children born there and husband died there. Had 4 children born in Fire Ball Court.