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Bevis Marks Synagogue alien list 1803 — 5 Comments

  1. Hi, I wonder if you could suggest anything to help me. I am trying to find my gggg grandmothers record of birth or of death. She was born around 1802 Rachel Rodrigues/sometimes used Rogers daughter of Abraham Rodrigues, married in 1823 (marriage is listed on Synagogue scribes), she was married to Benjamin Isaacs and later widowed and married David Green.
    The only records I can find for her are her marriage and the 1841 London cencus. I would greatly appreciate any helpful hints! Thank you

  2. Was able to find Raphael Rodriques. There is a slight chance that he was my x6 great grandfather. The records say he came from Amsterdam/Holland – although likely to have escaped Iberia I guess. Possibly father to Sarah Rodrigues who married Henry Harris in 1807. I have been looking for Sarah for a while added bonus to find a father. I have a feeling Henry also came over from Germany.

  3. While this is unlikely to help with my family research, it’s still very interesting to read. Information like this about individuals makes historical events much more real. Thank you to the anonymous submitter for providing this.

  4. Ref: BMA-127: Thank You for this list, it solves a brick wall I had hit. My family Shannon or in Barbary & Gibraltar Benshanan. I see they came from Tetuan in Morocco, at least now I have a place where to start digging.

    Just a comment on this listing as “Sharon” in the Bevis Marks register this family in the 1760-70’s is listed as “Shanon” I think Sharon is a mis-transcibition.

    Once again Many Thnks

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