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  1. Our Great Grand father Henry Abrahams Married in the Great Synagogue in 1803 19th Oct He married a Jesse Lazarus so we were told …Henry was born 1782 Cow Cross London Died Jan 1855 Snow Hill I Have Henry Yaakov Zvi Hirsch Abrahams .. Can you please tell me what this means and if his Father was an Isaac Yitzhak Segal Cows Cross Abrahams and any info of this family ..Births Deaths and Marriages would be great We don’t live in UK and now with Covid and we are in our 70s not sure if we will ever get to UK …iF YOU COULD HELP THAT WOULD BE WONDERFUL.. would love to know about our family before I pass on Did they have family sibling etc If this is not the right dept could you please past it on to the right place Thanks so Much Kind Regards Chris Purvis

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