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The Will of Diego Rodrigues Marques dated 1675 — 9 Comments

  1. Hello – I have a question with regards my gggrandparents ketubot. My gggrandfather Isaac Mordecai Rodrigues married Phoebe [nee. Belasco] on 5th May 1874 in Bevis Marks, they were both 30 years old. Phoebe had been orphaned along with her twin sister and siblings in 1853 when tragically both parents died with a few days of each other. On the Ketubot it shows that Isaac’s contribution was £100 and Phoebe’s share was £50 from the ‘Mahil Sedaca’ for orphaned girls and also £80 from the ‘Marques Dower’. I am looking for more information about the’ Marques Dower ‘ and whether this may have been connected in some way the ‘Rodrigues Marques’ family ancestors within the Bevis Marks community ? Hoping someone maybe able to advise me further on this ?

    • Hello Judith, Thanks for your comments. This would need specialised research, if you wish to be put in contact with Kevin Martin a Researcher specialising in Sephardic History please use the contact us.

  2. About Diogo Rodrigues Marques

    Francisco Rodrigues Marques native of Mogadouro and Maria Lopes native of Miranda do Douro.

    Grandparents ( mother side)
    Luis Lopes, native of Vimioso. Trial 3497C.
    Beatriz Henriques native of Algoso. Trial 2155C burnt at stake
    They lived in Miranda do Douro in Costanilha Street.

    Maria Fernanda Guimarães

  3. About Isabel Henriques married to António Rodrigues Mogadouro.

    Isabel was sister of Manuel Fernandes Vila Real, trial 7794 of Lisbon, burnt at stake on December 1st 1652

  4. Luis Goncalves de Andrade = David da Costa de Andrade, merchant. Baptised Guarda S. Vicente parish 15.4.1639, died Amsterdam 20.1.1685. Son of Nuno da Costa de Andrade (Belmonte-Guarda 1654), banker, and of Maria (Sara) Henriques (Guarda-Amsterdam 1682). Brother of Joseph and Benjamin da Costa de Andrade (of Curacao and of Martinique)and Ester, wife of Isaac Mendes Penha, and Ribca, wife of Benjamin Jessurun Lobo (of Amsterdam). Luis/David married Amsterdam 1658 Ester Franco Mendes (c1640-1666). One son: Abraham da Costa de Andrade (c1659-1690).

  5. Francoso is a misreading for Trancoso

    Note 4. “The Bay” is Bahia dos Santos in Brazil

    Note 15 Bayes or Baize was normally manufactured in England and exported to Portugal

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