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  1. I am searching for the real surname of Isaac ‘Lemplek’ Davis born around 1768-1770. His Son is Judah Davis born 1786 in Spitalfields who married Leah Mendoza. I think it is possible that Isaac of Karga? the father of Noah Davis could be the same Isaac because his daughter Jane is associated with an address that Judahs son lived in in 1841 at 19 Love Court, Spitalfields. Both families then moved to Southwark. I also think Lemplek should be Lampblack and he was associated with printing and general dealing.

    Family female surnames associated at this time by marriage are Mendoza, Salomons, Melhado and possibly Levy before 1800.

    I have found two family data sheets from Amsterdam containing all of the same family surnames married to my Davis Grandfathers and they all shortened or changed their surnames completely. My Isaac was only known as Davis after arriving in London but no one knows his real surname now and it was said he came from Russia or Poland. In the Amsterdam document there is an Isaac born in 1769 that seems to have vanished and my Isaac appears from nowhere in Spitalfields, Whitechapel. This family also came from the Poland/Russia area. He is:

    Isaac Itsak Hijman Chaim Courant-Levie Segal
    Born 29 Aug 1769 Amsterdam, ‘Circumcisions and Births in Amsterdam 1697-1811, by Jits v.Straten’:
    on 3 Elul 5529 – circumcision of Isaac Itsak ben Chaim ben Hirsch Levie-Courant, son-in-law of Hirts [ben] Itsak Jaffe, who lives at Kerkstr; circumcision in 2nd shul.?

    Some of the sons became Cozijn and I searched for relatives of the family. I found a picture of Abraham Cozijn who looks identcal to my Father. I am now stuck and need evidence to prove my theory.

    Could the gravestone transcription of Karga? have really said Kerkstr? and how can I find information about arrivals before 1786 to Whitechapel?

    Thank you so much for reading this. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Lynda,
      Thank you for commenting on our recent will update announcement. I’m afraid we simply don’t have the time to provide research as well as being able to add new data to our sites. Hopefully others reading your message will be able to reply. Perhaps you would kindly add another message showing where the information you have provided connects to information found on SynagogueScribes which would help others to also finding the same. We think its likely to be the marriage of Judah Davis GSM 112/07 found searching the Synagogue records, rather than the Will extracts under Secular records.

      You may also want to look at:
      GSM 112/07 1808 [5 Jan] DAVIS Judah [Yehuda b Isaac Lemplek] MENDOSA Leah
      GSM 044/1 1798 [1 Aug] DAVIS Leah [Leah bat Isaac Lemplik] DAVIS Isaac
      GSM 064/5 1801 [8 Oct–22 Nov] DAVIS Godfrey Kashman Isaac Lemplik (lamp-black?) SIMONS Rosey

      Good luck!

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